• Unveiling the Silent Threat: Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

    Today, let’s dive into an important topic for our homes – Carbon Monoxide (CO). It might sound like a big science word, but understanding it is crucial to keeping our families safe. We hope this article will break down key things and answer your common questions about Carbon Monoxide.
  • How to Prepare Your House for a Home Inspection

    If you plan to have a home inspection before listing it for sale, or if the buyer has scheduled an inspection before closing, it’s important to prepare your house. Getting your home ready for the inspection will ensure a smoother process and potentially better outcomes.
  • When Should You Get a Home Inspection?

    Many people ask when they should get a home inspection. Home inspections can be performed anytime, depending on the situation, as outlined below: 
  • The Benefits of a Home Maintenance Inspection

    A home maintenance inspection is a good idea when you want to know the overall condition of your home and if things are working properly. It can help clear up any concerns you have about the health of your house.
  • The Benefits of a Pre-listing Home Inspection

    Many home owners currently considering selling a home believe that a ‘hot’ market is a guarantee of quick, easy money! Certainly, a combination of lower inventory and higher-than-normal numbers of buyers looking for their dream home can make it seem that’s the case. But sellers would be wise to look deeper…and consider getting a pre-listing inspection.
  • 11 Home Maintenance Tips for New Home Buyers

  • Tips for First-Time Home Buyers – London, St. Thomas or Middlesex County

    First-time buyer in London, St. Thomas or Middlesex County and feeling overwhelmed? In light of the area’s red-hot market, making such a major investment can be a scary. To make the process simpler and way less stressful, consider these tips for buying your first home!